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We can walk you through the process of giving notice and evicting a tenant

Ending your tenant’s right to occupy your property can be just as important as finding the right tenant in the first place.

Get the procedure wrong, and you can end up with a lengthy wait for possession, sometimes without rent coming in. This is where we can help. We act on behalf of landlords regularly, giving notice to tenants. Section 8 and Section 21 are regularly used to give notice to a tenant. Our legal team and experienced landlord solicitors provide a range of services to follow correct procedure and offer the best legal assistance.

Section 8 Notices

Section 8 Notices are used where there is fault on the part of the tenant or, in certain circumstances, where the landlord requires the property back or occupation was linked to employment. To rely on a Section 8 Notice, it is necessary to identify the Ground you rely upon and to evidence the reason for relying on that Ground.

Section 21 Notices

Section 21 Notices are used to end Assured Shorthold Tenancies once the fixed term has ended. Using a Section 21 Notice, a landlord is not required to show any “fault” or breach of tenancy terms on the part of the tenant. This form of Notice allows a landlord to ask the Court to grant a possession Order without the need to rely on any particular “ground”.

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