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Are you looking for assistance with drafting a cohabitation agreement?

Whether you are about to move in together or you are already in cohabitation, our team can advise you on your options and the types of items you should include in the agreement. We can also assist you if you are locked into a cohabitation dispute.

What is a cohabitation agreement?

Cohabiting couples are partners who live together but are not married or part of a Civil Partnership. A Cohabitation Agreement is normally drafted to reflect the terms of any agreement reached at the start or during a relationship. Alternatively, they can reflect agreements made between family members or friends, in relation to friends and family who live together. 

Why should I get a cohabitation agreement?

The practical guidelines laid out in a Cohabitation Agreement will make it clear to both parties what will be expected of them should the relationship break down. This could save thousands of pounds in legal fees in the future. As advised in the guide to cohabitation disputes, the Courts do not recognise ‘a common law marriage’. It is also important to consider what you would want to happen should you separate from your partner, or in the event either of you passes away. Cohabitation Agreements can be drafted to reflect this and to make sure your position is safeguarded in the event your relationship breaks down. However, whilst Courts are showing more willingness to consider Cohabitation Agreements, there is still no guarantee that they will enforce the terms of one.

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  • Cohabitation disputes – unmarried property

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