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Are you looking to safeguard the rights of a vulnerable loved one?

This service is for someone that lacks the mental capacity to manage their own affairs and needs a Deputy. The Court of Protection and Deputy route is for individuals who have not previously made a Lasting Power of Attorney.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection safeguards the rights of vulnerable people and has the authority to appoint a Deputy to manage someone else’s affairs (welfare matters, financial affairs) when they lack the capability to do so themselves. A Deputy is normally a relative or close friend; however, a solicitor can also act as a persons Deputy. The process of becoming a Deputy is long and can be difficult; we, therefore, advise before you consider applying for Deputy ship you speak to one of our experienced team.

What are the responsibilities of a Deputy?

As a Deputy, you have a wealth of things to manage and report, including matters about the individual’s finances, health and living arrangements.

At Crystal Law Solicitors, we provide a service to assist Deputies.

Our service includes:

  • Ensuring the individual is claiming the exact amount of social security benefits they are eligible to
  • Assisting Deputies apply and challenge for benefits on behalf of the individual
  • Assessing the housing situation and identifying any local authority assistance which can be gained
  • Assisting in housing matters, including re-housing into disability adapted housing

At Crystal Law Solicitors we have vast experience in social welfare law and in particular welfare benefits and housing law. We are one of only a few solicitors practices able to assist you with claiming benefits, challenging benefit decisions, applying for social housing, as well as assisting with obtaining aids and adaptations for vulnerable people. We can therefore provide an invaluable holistic service to Deputies to lighten your burden whilst ensuring you are compliant with the requirements set out by law to act in the best interest of those they have Deputy ship over.

Our specialist team has extensive experience and can offer legal advice throughout the Deputyship application process and beyond. 

Do you take instructions from other solicitors firms?

We are happy to take instructions from other solicitors firms who are appointed Deputies on behalf of their clients, as our aim is to ensure the best interests are achieved, and income and services are maximised within the remit of the law.

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