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Are you awaiting a tribunal hearing for benefit fraud?

Our solicitors have prepared bespoke submissions for several hundred appeals. We have the knowledge, skill and experience to assist you even in the event of the most complex of benefit situations.

We can also assist you if you have already attended a tribunal and received a negative outcome, as we are one of the few firms nationally with the breadth of experience to challenge negative Tribunal decisions. 

What should I do to prepare for a benefit tribunal?

As a claimant, you have the right to provide further written representations, before the Tribunal lists an oral or paper hearing. We have found that solid written submissions addressing the legislation, guidance and case law tailored to your particular circumstances adds substantial weight to your appeal.

To ensure the best prospect of success, it is advisable to prepare well and gather the relevant evidence to be placed before the Tribunal. With our experience, we are able to advise on what evidence is suitable for the type of hearing to be held. We assist our clients in gathering evidence which can include; medical reports, consultant letters; witness statements; supporting letters; bank records.

What are the possible outcomes of a benefit tribunal?

A Tribunal Decision can either be favourable or negative. At Crystal Law, you are welcome to contact us to discuss a negative tribunal decision to see what, if any, rights you may have to challenge this decision.

Can I appeal a benefit tribunal decision?

There are various options available following a negative decision, including seeking a “set aside” or “seeking permission for leave to appeal to the upper tribunal”.

  • Set Aside The Tribunal Rules and case law generally guide when you can lodge an application for a set aside. Reasons often include, failure to attend and procedural irregularities on the part of the Tribunal.
  • Permission Seeking leave to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal

Solicitors at Crystal Law Solicitors are well versed in challenging Tribunal Decisions, and we have helped many individuals secure entitlement.

If you feel the Tribunal decision is wrong, you have the option to lodge a permission to appeal with the First Tier Tribunal. If this is granted, then your appeal will be dealt with by the Upper Tribunal. If this is rejected, an application to the Upper Tribunal can be lodged directly.

What’s the Upper Tribunal?

The Upper Tribunal will usually consider appeals when an error of law has been identified. If permission seeking leave to appeal has been granted, then the matter simply proceeds to the Upper Tribunal. In the event the First-Tier Tribunal Judge has refused permission, a secondary opportunity exists to lodge permission directly with the Upper Tribunal on a prescribed “UT1” form.

We have successfully assisted many clients nationally with Upper Tribunal cases, from the most complex disability matters to the most complex financial “capital” appeals. The Upper Tribunal may require you to attend a hearing in relation to your case. We are able to represent you at such hearings and prepare written submissions if required by the Upper Tribunal.

In the event of the Upper Tribunal refusing your appeal, you have an option of pursuing the matter further. Should you wish to pursue this option, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tribunal Representation

It can be a daunting process for any claimant to face a qualified Judge and many other professionals. At Crystal Law Solicitors, we provide representation nationally and have attended Tribunals throughout the country. Our ethos and aim is to ensure all clients are as well-prepared as possible for a Tribunal Hearing. In order to achieve this, we prepare bespoke written submissions, usually prepared well in advance of a Tribunal, which ensures only the relevant issues are covered at the hearing. 

Our team have successfully represented hundreds of individuals throughout the country.

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