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Protect your company's IP by understanding your rights.

Our services cover every area of IP law. We also draft commercial agreements and can help you license your IP or sell your business.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP) Law protects the expression of an idea. This includes matters such as:

  • Copyright (written words)
  • Trademarks (branding and logos)
  • Patents (mechanical parts / inventions).
  • Trade Secrets

Intellectual property (IP) refers to legal rights that are granted to individuals or entities for their creations or inventions. It encompasses intangible assets, such as inventions, artistic works, brand names, logos, designs, trade secrets, and more. Intellectual property rights provide exclusive ownership and control over these intangible assets, allowing their creators or owners to protect and commercialise their creations.

Our legal services play a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property. Here’s how legal services can assist:

  • IP registration and filing
  • IP portfolio management
  • Enforcement and litigation
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • IP Due diligence

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