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Our specialist team can assist with any commercial contract - be it simple or complex.

We have a highly specialised team with the expertise to draft the most simple contract, right up to negotiating multi-million-pound international contracts.

Contract law is one of the essential areas of law that governs much of our everyday business lives. Many of our interactions are governed by contract law, from the relationship with your employee to the sale of your goods and services.

Contracts form the basis of most commercial relationships. In addition to providing clarity in business arrangements, contracts are also put in place to ensure that proper redress is available in the event that obligations are not met, as often there are serious financial ramifications. Many businesses at some time will face a dispute in relation to a commercial contract. Whether the dispute is with a supplier, a customer or any other party working with you, it’s important to us to act quickly in finding a solution, allowing your business to continue as normal.
If you enter into commercial contracts on a regular basis, whether the contracts are in written form or made verbally, and whether the terms governing such agreements are expressed or implied, it is likely that, at some stage, you will become involved in a contractual dispute. At Crystal Law Solicitors, we have a dedicated team of solicitors, experienced in resolving disputes relating to all types of commercial contracts, whether they are complex matters or issues arising from day to day business.

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