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Do you need advice in relation to being asked to sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Or are you seeking to prepare one?

Our legal team are on hand to help you handle all types of pre-nuptial arrangements.

What is a ‘pre-nup’?

A pre-nuptial agreement is made between those contemplating marriage or entering into a Civil Partnership.  Prenuptial agreements (or ‘prenups’) lay out, before a marriage, who will be responsible for the property and finances of each partner during the marriage, and who this wealth belongs to following a divorce. The equivalent agreement for those entering into a civil partnership is called a pre-registration agreement.

Pre-nups can help you protect:

  • assets owned prior to marriage
  • expected inheritance
  • trust funds
  • assets you want to leave children from a previous marriage

Though they are not yet legally binding in the UK, pre-nuptial agreements will be taken into serious consideration by the courts.

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