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Clear, practical advice at every stage of your business transaction

Buying or selling a business? Our experienced team can offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process. We know that no two business transactions are the same, from negotiating heads of terms to completion, no matter your industry, our highly specialist solicitors can guide you through every stage of your business purchase or sale. 

At Crystal Law we act for both buyers and sellers of businesses small or large, we understand the potential challenges faced at both sides and so our advice is comprehensive and in the interest of protecting you throughout, and following, the transaction.

Business transactions involve a detailed legal process, filled with complex legal issues. Our focus is to make the process as smooth and timely as possible, offering superior legal advice and working on your behalf to limit potential liabilities while negotiating a viable agreement.

Purchasing a Business?

Our specialist commercial solicitors at Crystal Law can guide you through all stages of buying a business, from getting an accurate valuation to carrying out due diligence, negotiating terms and advising on redundancy issues and employment contracts. We can give clarity on continuity of commercial contracts and agreements, so that you can be sure that you begin your business journey successfully while operating within the law.

Our experienced team will ensure that following transfer of funds you continue to be protected, by negotiating appropriate contractual warranties and indemnities from the seller prior to completion.

Selling a Business?

Whether you are a sole trader or a large company it is crucial you seek legal advice right from the get-go of your business sale, our commercial team work tirelessly to protect your position, building agreements to safeguard your business and any confidentiality requirements. We will define timescales that meet your circumstances and negotiate terms on your behalf.

As expert business solicitors we protect you from any exposure following the sale, by flagging up risks throughout the transaction and comprising disclosure letters prior to completion.

Drawing up a Rigorous Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase of a business or part of a business. It is vital to both the buyer and seller that a detailed asset purchase agreement is drawn up, this legal documentation should clearly set out all of the terms of purchase, including:

  • The agreement;
  • A breakdown of the business assets that are to be purchased, including any commercial property;
  • The purchase price, and how it is to be paid;
  • Any warranties or indemnities provided by the seller;
  • The obligations of the buyer and seller before and on completion of the transaction;
  • The transfer of any employees under TUPE;
  • Any restrictions on the seller after the sale has completed;
  • Limitations on the seller’s potential liability.

At Crystal Law, our dedicated team have extensive experience composing rigid contracts that consolidate agreements and leave no room for uncertainty moving forward, ensuring acquisitions are completed successfully and in a timely manner, and all loose ends are tied up.

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