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How landlord solicitors can help deal with difficult tenants

Becoming a landlord is an excellent professional move that can provide financial stability. However, the legalities if the industry must be abided by, particularly when a difficult tenant lives in one of your properties. Here, we take a look at how landlord solicitors can help landlords who are struggling to deal with difficult tenants and why the law is such an important guideline.

Services landlord solicitors provide for troublesome tenants

Legal Advice For Serving an Eviction Notice

Strict laws surround when and how you can evict someone from a rented property. Without following a proper legal process, tenants could be evicted and left destitute through no fault of their own, which is why the laws are in place. However, it can also make it difficult for landlords to evict tenants who are blatantly breaching the terms of their contract. Local landlord solicitors can help by providing all the legal advice you need to evict tenants legally.

Helping Reclaim Outstanding Money Owed

If a tenant has refused to pay their rent, a landlord solicitor can help to reclaim the outstanding money through the courts and the proper legal channels. These legal experts are well-versed in this area of law and can ensure that tenants who owe money are compelled by the law to repay it promptly.

Advice To Ensure They Always Act Legally

Landlords must follow the letter of the law at all times. Harassing a tenant is a criminal offence and may include entering the property without permission, using threatening behaviour or making unnecessary repairs to frustrate the tenant. Seeking advice from professionals ensures that you always act responsibly and legally as a landlord while also ensuring that your interests are protected.

Draw Up a Contract To Protect Them From Troublesome Tenants

Writing a watertight contract can protect you from many issues that may arise with your tenants. Disputes are often caused due to differences between what the tenant and landlord deem as ‘wear and tear’ or taking money from a tenant’s deposit to pay for the damage they may have caused. With a clear contract outlining the exact condition of the property and the agreements of the tenancy, it is easier for both landlords and tenants to settle these disputes quickly.

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