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Four common factors that prompt divorce

For most people divorce is no longer a taboo subject, but instead, a sensible decision that thousands of married couples make every year. Unfortunately, not all marriages work and it may be best for both parties to go their separate ways through a divorce. Every couple will have a different reason for taking this route, some more complicated than others but equally as justified.
In this blog, we discuss some of the most common factors that prompt divorce.


When one or both partners has an affair this can ruin the trust between them. While some couples can move on from this, others will have a hard time continuing the marriage and this can lead to constant arguing, lack of trust and general turmoil within the marriage.


There’s a big difference between being in a relationship and being married, and this change means that not every couple makes a compatible married couple. Compatibility should be at the core of every marriage but if you don’t have things that aren’t as you expected, divorce might be an option for you.

Child welfare

Staying married for the sake of your children could be the wrong decision, remember, to be good parents you need to feel happy within yourself and ensure that your children are living in a safe and positive environment. This is one of the most common reasons for divorce and in most cases creates better relationships between parents and their children. 

Unreasonable behaviour

Unreasonable behaviour covers a range of situations many of which are the leading cause of a divorce being filed. Domestic abuse, financial recklessness and verbal abuse are just some of the reasons considered as unreasonable behaviour, all of which can result in a marriage breakdown and divorce.