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A beginners guide to family mediation

Family mediation is something put in place to support couples who are in the process of separating or divorcing to figure out what to do about the house, the children, the assets, the debts, and is something that can help everyone in the family to establish new relationships.

In family mediation, you will need to negotiate face to face with your partner about arrangements that need to be carried out in the future, with the help of one or two neutral third parties, these are the mediator or mediators.

How is family mediation different from the other options?

Unlike going to court, family mediation recognises that you are the experts within your own family and leaves the decision-making to you. Unlike negotiating through your solicitors, family mediation permits you to speak directly to each other so that you can explain what you are feeling and what is most important to you. It also lets you focus on the things that really matter to you as a family.

How could a family mediator help my family?

Family mediators have a lot of experience relating to issues surrounding separation and divorce and are able to give you general information about all the options available to your family. Family mediators will also be allowed to ask both of you significant questions about the practical elements of your family of any option that particularly interests you.

Family mediators can speak to you about the legal implications of some factors that you might be interested in. Family mediators are particularly trained to focus on the needs of the children in the family, and will help you, as parents or guardians, to work together to do that.

I have concerns about being in the same room as my former partner

Lots of people find discussing with their partner about what could happen after a separation or divorce quite upsetting. Family mediation can offer you a safe place to resolve your differences. Family mediators are specifically trained to keep an eye out for any domestic abuse issues that may impact your family, and also for other problems that might make negotiation between family members particularly hard. Family mediators will not permit you to take part in mediation if they do not believe you will be safe.

Crystal Law

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