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Private Fixed Fee, Legal Aid & Standard Fees

Private Fixed Fee, Legal Aid and Our Standard fees

Private Fixed Fee

A fixed fee allows you to budget for your case from the outset, with agreed timings for payments.

If a fixed fee package is not available or suitable, after our initial consultation we will provide you with an estimate of our fees and any other likely expenses, so you’ll know what to expect.

Our charges do not include VAT, which we will add to your bill at the prevailing rate which is at 20%.

Unlike other solicitors, Crystal Law Solicitors will not ask you to deposit this entire amount with us but will discuss fair and manageable financial arrangements for covering your fees.

Because the cost of legal action can be difficult to estimate, we will let you know if costs are likely to exceed our initial estimate and will not incur further expense without your permission to do so.

Financing Your Legal Case

We recognise that legal issues can be stressful and expensive. We appreciate that our clients want certainty on costs wherever possible in addition to keeping the emotional and financial strain that our clients may face to an absolute minimum.

If you fail to qualify for legal aid, we offer a range of low costs fixed price services tailored to fit your individual budget.

What is a fixed fee for Solicitor’s Costs?

  • A fixed fee is simply that - a fee that is fixed for your case or part of your case.

  • It is an agreed amount paid for a set piece of work. We agree with you what work is needed, the amount of costs to do it and how those costs will be paid.

  • This way you can be sure about what we will do for you and how much it will cost.

  • We have the experience to appreciate that not every case is suitable for a fixed fee, but our philosophy is that fixed fees for Solicitors’ Costs should be the norm and not the exception.

  • The fixed fees will cover only our fees – Solicitors costs.

  • The fixed fees do not cover any disbursements to be incurred in your case. You will be advised separately on these upon instructions.

How do Solicitor’s fixed fees work for legal Cases?

  • All our Solicitors are highly experienced in working with clients and consider each case individually. 

  • Our primary consideration is to determine an appropriate fixed fee for the agreed plan of action in your case.

  • We offer fixed fees which cover the whole of an agreed plan of action or fixed fees for stages within the process. 

  • We also offer fixed fee packages for court proceedings and the different stages within the case.

  • There are situations which may arise which are unforeseen that involve additional work. If this occurs, we will tell you immediately, and no further expense is incurred until a further fee arrangement has been agreed with you. 

  • Variations from the Agreed fixed fee would occur if the work needed has changed significantly. If this occurs, we will consider the change and the impact upon the case, and if developments fall outside the agreed plan of action, you are immediately notified in writing and you will retain the choice of accepting a new arrangement.

What are the advantages of agreeing a Fixed Fee for my legal case?

  • As the majority of court cases settle during the process, it would not be acceptable to you, the client, to quote a fee for the whole case when there is real prospect of an early settlement, thereby wasting costs.

  • Our fixed fees are also suitable for non-contentious matters such as Drafting a will, Making a Power of Attorney or advising on a settlement agreement

  • There are situations which may arise which are unforeseen and that involve additional work. On these occasions, we will tell you immediately, and no further expense is incurred until a further fee arrangement has been agreed with you.

Legal Aid

Although successive governments have systematically reduced the provision of Legal Aid over many years, Crystal Law are one of the largest Legal Aid solicitors left. If you qualify for Legal Aid, you can be certain that we will secure it for you.

Who qualifies for Legal Aid

Whilst Legal Aid is becoming harder to find, we can still provide Legal Aid in a limited number of cases.

Legal Aid for Domestic Violence Cases

If you are the victim of Domestic Violence then not only can you get help with an Injunction but Legal Aid, subject to your means, will also be available for the Children Act proceedings to secure care of the children, obtaining financial orders to preserve the matrimonial home for the kids and even to pay for the Divorce itself.

Legal Aid for Social Services Cases

If social services are involved with your family our expert Care team can help.  Legal Aid is available for most people who face the prospect of a Local Authority taking their children in to care.  We offer Legal Help for people attending Child Protection meetings and full representation for those who have received Court papers.

Legal Aid for Care Cases

If you are the respondent mother or father in Care proceedings, Emergency Protection Order applications or Secure Accommodation Orders we can help you right away. If children are in the care of a local authority ask us about Contact with a child in care, discharge of a care order or opposing an Adoption.  If the case is sound, then Legal Aid will be available.

Legal Aid for Private Child Cases

In some cases, the High Court will make a child a Ward of Court under its inherent jurisdiction.  Legal Aid is still available for that area of private law children work.


Legal aid charges are set by the Legal Aid Agency,  VAT we will add to a bill at the prevailing rate which is at 20% when claiming from the Legal Aid Agency.

Legal Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get legal aid for my divorce?

Legal aid is available for divorce if there is proof of domestic violence. We can do a legal aid assessment for you at your first free appoinmtent. At Crystal Law we believe everyone should have access to the law. So, if you do not satisfy the legal aid requirements we do offer flexible payment methods in order to assist you financially. These include fixed fees, spread costs and flexible credit. This will help you to make payments a lot more comfortably.

What is the test for Legal aid?

It is complicated. For cases involving social services Legal Aid is almost always guranteed. For other cases the test is three fold. Has there been domestic violence against you? Do you have sufficient merits to access public funds? Do you qualify on your income? There may also be some legal aid available if you can show risk of harm to a child. All of our Solicitors are experts in Legal Aid assessment so please get in touch and we will check to see if you meet the three tests.

Why is Legal aid not available for me to see my children?

In April 2013 the Government slashed access to Legal aid. This means that most parents cannot now get Legal aid for cases like this. At Crystal Law we have tried to fill this gap by limiting our rates to Legal aid levels and providing monthly payment plans. We will do what we can to help people see their children on any budget.

When is Legal aid available?

It is not straightforward but basically you can get legal aid if social services are involved or if there has been domestic violence, often with a means test.

Do you offer a fixed fee?

Yes. A fixed fee is available for all our areas of work as long as an agreement can be made between the parties without the need for the matter to be heard in Court. Should we need to issue proceedings then the fee will revert an hourly rate or what is known as a staged fixed fee, i.e £500 per Court hearing or other marker. A trained solicitor can explain what fee will apply to your case at your appointment.

Can I resolve the matter without going to Court ?

We always try to achieve this outcome for our clients but it isn’t always possible. Litigation is by definition about two sides. If the other party is reasonable then matters can often be concluded by negotiation. If people are unreasonable, it may be more difficult.

Do I really need a Solicitor?

Legal proceedings are stressful, confusing and can be overwhelming. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, it is extremely helpful to have a Solicitor who can explain the legal jargon, negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you are treated fairly.

Can you help with my immigration status?

Certainly. By securing a child arrangements order to spend time with a child for direct contact, it can help secure your immigration case and leave to remain in the UK too.

Standard Hourly Rates

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for our clients.
Our standard solicitor hourly rate is £250 plus VAT at the prevailing rate which is at 20%.