8. Child Fees


Before we can make an application to court, we have to try to resolve matters by agreement. This means we have to write to the other parent with your proposals.

This package includes:

  • A full attendance for up to an hour.
  • A letter of advice to
  • Writing to the other parent with your proposals
  • Referral to mediation (we have to make a referral unless there is exceptional reasons i.e DV)
  • Review meeting once we have a response from the other parent to discuss options; OR
    Review meeting after 14 days if there is no response from the other parent to discuss your options
Legal Fees £300.00
VAT (20%) £60.00
Total £360.00

This does not include making any applications to court.

Contested packages
If no agreement can be reached, you will have to make an application to court. The following package will provide you with advice and assistance up to and including the first initial Court hearing and includes:

  • A personal appointment of up to one hour for the purpose of providing advice and gathering information.
  • All telephone calls and letters to you, the Court and the other side until the first hearing is complete.
  • Drafting and filing the Application at Court and serving the papers (by post) on all Respondents.
  • Preparing the initial Court bundle.
  • Attendance at the First Hearing (FHDRA) at Court to represent you.
  • Travel to and from Court within 1 hour of the office.
Legal Fees £1500.00
VAT (20%) £300.00
Total £1800.00

If the initial hearing does not resolve matters by agreement, the Court will consider the CAFCASS recommendations and may order a report, a review of interim arrangements or that the parties proceed to a final hearing. If your case is listed for a further hearing then we will need to discuss future costs with you, which will be based upon our usual hourly rate.

*Price quoted does not include Court Fees. Court Fees are set by the Courts and at present £215 on time of publication of our prices.
*Depending on your personal circumstance you may be eligible for Court Fee remission.