4. Complex Consent Order Package includes

This package is for those who have multiple assets to record, for example a property portfolio or for those sharing a pension fund. This package includes:

  • A full record of assets previously divided.
  • Inclusion of a property adjustment order and related mortgage.
  • Serving the Mortgagee as required by the Family Procedure Rules.
  • Inclusion of multiple property adjustment orders and related mortgages.
  • Pension Sharing Order/s and Annex/es.
  • Serving the Pension Provider in accordance with the Family Proceedings Rules.
Legal Fees £1500.00
VAT (20%) £300.00
Total £1800.00

What’s not included

  • The process of financial disclosure, which is disclosing evidence of your income, assets, pensions etc to your spouse or their legal advisor and obtaining your spouse’s financial disclosure.
  • Negotiations for settlement are not included as it is assumed that you will each keep your own assets and that there are no assets in your joint names to be dealt with.
  • Advice on the settlement you have agreed.

Should you require advice to an appropriate settlement and help negotiating a settlement to be incorporated into a Consent Order, then you will need to pay for this additional work to be carried out based upon on usual hourly rate. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Family Lawyers in order to decide which package best suits your needs.

*Price quoted does not include Court Fees. Court Fees are set by the Courts and at present set as £50, at the time of the publication of our prices.
*Depending on your personal circumstance you may be eligible for Court Fee remission.