2. Divorce – Respondent – uncontested

What your divorce package includes:

  • Legal advice and support. This includes a personal attendance of up to 30 minutes discussing the divorce process.
  • Advice and guidance in relation to the Divorce Petition that will be filed by your spouse at Court; preparation of the Acknowledgement of Service form indicating your consent to the divorce and dealing with any potential cost issues.
  • Advice regarding the pronouncement of the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute.
  • Telephone calls, emails and letters to/from you, your spouse’s Solicitor and the Court in relation to the divorce proceedings.
Legal Fees £300.00
VAT (20%) £60.00
Total £360.00

What’s not included

  • In the average case it will not be necessary for you to have the following and it is for this reason that they are not included in the package. In the unusual circumstance that you do need to take one of these additional steps, your solicitor will advise you of what you need, and the cost of the action required.
  • The possible “add-ons” to your package are:

Court Hearings.

If you get into a dispute with your spouse, as to whether or not you should reimburse them their legal fees of divorce (known as the Petitioner’s “claim for costs”), the Court will require you to file a statement and attend a hearing, where the Court will decide whether to order you to pay your spouse’s costs and the amount of costs to be paid.

Should you not wish to deal with this yourself, you can instruct your solicitor to draft the required statement. Our usual hourly rate will be charged for this service. You may wish to represent yourself at any hearing for costs. Should you wish to have legal representation at Court, again this will be charged at our hourly rate.