1. Divorce – petitioner and uncontested

This means that both you and your spouse consent to the marriage being ended. An uncontested divorce is dealt with by the Court, without the need for any Court hearing and is therefore, a paper process.

Legal advice and support. This includes a personal attendance of up to one hour discussing the divorce process.

The preparation of the Divorce Petition and accompanying documentation; preparation of the application for the Decree Nisi and the application for the Decree Absolute.

Telephone calls, emails and letters to/from you, your spouse’s Solicitor and the Court in relation to the divorce proceedings.

Legal Fees £750.00
VAT (20%) £150.00
Total £900.00

The possible “add-ons” to your package are:

Court Hearings.
If you get into a dispute with your spouse, as to whether or not they should reimburse you your legal fees in respect of the divorce proceedings (known as your “claim for costs”), the Court will require you to file a statement and attend a hearing where the Court will decide whether to order your spouse to pay your costs and the amount of costs to be paid.

Should you not wish to deal with this yourself, we can do this for you and draft the required statement and represent you at Court. This will be charged at our normal hourly rate.

Personal Service/Bailiff service of the divorce papers upon your spouse.
In certain circumstances, your spouse may ignore/fail to acknowledge the Divorce Petition. If this happens, solicitor may advise you to have your spouse personally served. The Court Bailiff charges are a small fee to carry out this task, although they do have a lot of other duties and this may mean that serving your papers takes a 3-6 month.
The alternative is to employ a Process Server, who will act just for you and who will promptly locate your spouse and serve them with the papers. This can often cost between £300.00 plus VAT.

Application for Deemed Service or to Dispense with Service.
This is a Court application, usually made by post, for an order stating that the Court is satisfied that your spouse has received the divorce papers or an Order stating that it is not necessary to serve the papers on your spouse because, for example, they may be missing. This will only be applicable in certain cases. Again, your solicitor will advise you if this action is necessary and will provide an estimate of charges at this time.

*Price quoted does not include Court Fees. Court Fees are set by the Courts and at present has been set at £550, at the time of publication of our price list.
*Depending on your personal circumstance you may be eligible for Court Fee remission.